the L wall

So it begins: 'Paola, please help us, we can’t stand the tv cabinet we have anymore!’

In Italy we say that a home is for life. When you buy your first (and quite often forever) place, you make sure everything is planned and, where you can, designed to suit your needs. Our love for comforts and passion for details is translated into everyday life...and homes, no matter how big or small they are. 

The Italian approach in combination with the Japanese influence of a minimal and functional style is at the core of this design - a piece of furniture customised for the clients’ needs. 

Open shelves and hidden storage form the geometric composition, complementing the L(iving) empty wall. Shaped cut-out handles add character to the doors. The oak timber was chosen in reference to other wooden Japanese-hand-made furniture of the dining space. 

The final result is a functional piece of Australian craftsmanship.

designed by Paola Provinciali
made by Wilkins & Kent
photographed by Hilary Bradford Photography