the cube



The 'cube' concept evolves from a study on 'compact living' - living small without giving up your comfort and maximising the space of inner cities dwellings.

This 40sqm studio apartment was originally an empty box with a kitchenette and a bathroom. It was transformed into a compact liveable space with the necessary comforts. Small spaces can be highly functional with smart and thoughtful design.

The design intent was to make the most of a small area and to work in height, considering the room volume as a whole. The design takes advantage of the high ceiling of this heritage building in the heart of Melbourne. By cleverly creating storage, the design maximises the limited space available, keeping the remaining living area mostly free for furniture.

A combination of solids and voids gives form to a compact and multi-functional pod, approximately 2.5m³ of joinery, where each element has its specific function. The cube provides a sleeping area with a queen-sized bed on the mezzanine level. At the lower level there is a study desk, bookshelves, bench seat, wardrobe and storage space along with a compact walk-in robe accessible from a secret door.

The project was designed and built to be a mix of pre-assembled components and components ready to be further assembled on site. It can be taken apart, transported, and rebuilt in a new location. Essentially it is a flat pack bedroom/study/storage pod.

Compactness, efficiency, and ease of assembly were the essence of this unique and highly customised design.

designed by  Paola Provinciali
made by Wilkins & Kent
photographed by Hilary Bradford Photography