the b wall

It all started with ‘we need storage space’!

This apartment interior project is about providing storage with an integrated bed and study desk, plus adding personality to an otherwise standard saddleback bedroom.

Saddleback bedrooms have a corridor at the end of which there is a window to gain access to natural light and ventilation. Taking advantage of the existing bedroom-corridor configuration, the design is a full height custom-built cupboard of varying depths. A niche is created where the bed is. The recess forms a cosy surrounding to the bed and bedside nooks, while the yellow sparks brightness into the room. The bed frame is also custom built, and the lift-up mechanism allows access to more storage underneath the bed.

Bookshelves break the solid appearance and mark the transition between the deeper and the narrower joinery side. Playful open shelves and a desk find their place near the window. The corridor becomes alive with its new function of study corner, maintaining the access to natural light.

The design originates from a practical need and it is enriched by the choice of materials, colours and fine detailing.

designed by Paola Provinciali
made by Woodcraft Mobiliar
photographed by Hilary Bradford Photography