nomaDesk originates from the concept of ‘nomadic desk’ for compact spaces.

Nowadays the concept of permanent seems disappearing – permanent job, permanent home, permanent status of things. Perhaps throughout the years, the idea of permanent assumed a negative connotation, becoming more and more synonymous of stuck, old, not able to innovate itself?

It is within this scenario that nomaDesk developed. Ideas like mobility and adaptability merge in this piece of furniture; a fold-up desk for studying or working. It is wall mounted and compact, it provides some storage for a laptop, stationary, and notebooks, and can be folded away when not in use. Shortage of space in our homes is problematic – we look at future pieces of furniture as adaptable and compact.

nomaDesk can be taken off the wall, transported without being disassembled, and can follow us as we move home, just like a piece of luggage.

The desk was designed originally with engineered fibreboards in mind, obtained by recovering and recycling carboard boxes. The first piece is being made of plywood, and still maintaining its characteristics of compactness and transportability.

This is a small object used in the everyday life. It takes inspiration from the modern city dweller, who moves with very few belongings…often in boxes and suitcases, a dweller who needs to adapt to the cities tiny living spaces, without necessarily giving up some basic comforts.