in the heart of the castle


The renovation of this micro-apartment was completed recently, transforming a small place which was left unused for some time. These two rooms were once part of a larger building complex, the medieval Palace Monaldeschi in Bolsena, Italy.
Within the very compact footprint of just under 30 sqm with an independent access, we planned a kitchenette and added a small bathroom. Due to the heritage nature of the building, the interiors were designed without affecting any of the existing walls nor the existing openings. 

This apartment is intended to be used for short-stay, so it was possible to cut back many features to the very essential.
We conducted a study to understand how much space was needed to make the rooms feel comfortable. Starting from the idea of a pied-a-terre, the design was developed by allocating all the ‘wet areas’ to the first room, where the entrance is. This enabled us to reduce the extent of the works for the services connection, as well as to keep the costs contained.
The kitchenette is built-in and fully equipped, with the dining area on the opposite side of the room. The planning result is a very efficient working space that features all the comforts of a normal size kitchen, just in a more compact version. The kitchen benchtop is a green speckled granite; it has been conveniently shaped to create enough space for the appliances and to provide a handy working area modelled around the existing window. A small bathroom is also carved out of the first room.
The subtle green tiles pattern of the kitchenette splashback and of the bathroom walls is a reference to some old mosaic tiles of Volsinii, the Etruscan archaeological site nearby.
The second room is left intact and, with its generous area, it is a large and comfortable bedroom. The existing graniglia floor has been sanded and polished throughout both rooms; so revitalised, it maintains a connection to the history of the place.

This modern and compact retreat is a hidden gem in the heart of the old Castello district, at the very doorstep of the Rocca Monaldeschi. It is the ideal place for those needing to get away from the stresses of modern life and away from busier routes - a convenient logistic spot for visiting the Tuscia region in Italy.

interior design by Paola Provinciali