daDesk was developed from a research on movable and compact desks.

It was conceived as a second study-desk for an apartment. One of the characteristics is its fold-up capacity - when not in open configuration, it can be closed on the wall and still be used as a shelf. It is wall hung and its shallow shelves and curvilinear details frame the wall in front of the working area; it has some storage capacity for a laptop, books and stationery. daDesk turned out to be a very useful piece of furniture during the work-from-home months of 2020 year.

Made of powder-coated plywood, this design concept generated from the intent of using the offcut material from another project. The size of the desk is the combination between optimisation of the material available and limited space of the apartment.

Being mindful of material waste and reusing what may be left from other jobs has always interested spArch’s approach to design. This is especially valid for design objects and furniture where their size, paired with the 'too good to be thrown away' approach, is an ideal combination for a successful outcome.

designed by Paola Provinciali
made by Marcel Preissler